About IJLC India Private Limited


IJLC (Inner Joy, Love and Care) a well construed in its meaning, Inner Joy, Love and Care are the pivot axle around which this entire company revolves. IJLC is a Company By The People, For The People With The People. It’s in pursuit of soul-searching for the true meaning of life that IJLC could see the light of the day in its present form.

IJLC India Pvt. Ltd. has a team of professionals who share a common objective of providing world class services to its clients across the globe while considering the benefit of the clients as its prime objective. Our professional team have immense heart in reaching out to people and pour out joy and happiness in their lives by means of our expertise in different spectrum of services and products such as HealthCare, Sports, Events and much more.

IJLC is honored by an advisory panel consisting of Doctors, Sports Educator, Journalist, Musician, Financial Expert, IT Professional and Motivational Speaker who are masters in their respective fields.

Our objective is to empower people to reach full potential in their lives and thereby write blueprints of success for generations to emulate.