About Our CSR Program


Mrs. Kamla Arora was the epitome of human service and associated with numerous charities during her lifetime. Her philanthropical deeds inspired her daughter Ms. Bhawna Arora who has a wonderful heart of helping the poor and the needy just like her mother has carried on the legacy of her and keeping the torch burning with full passion, vigour and commitment. In order to carry her late Mother’s bequest forward, she is enthusiastically running a campaign by the name “Kamla Arora Blessings” on various social media platforms in her Mother’s memory and it has been successful in serving the needy.

Highlights of Kamla Arora Blessings:

  1. Kamla Arora Blood Donation Drive
  2. Blood Donations Camps
  3. Health Awareness Drives in association with World class hospitals in India
  4. Food drives for underprivileged
  5. Free health Treatment of underprivileged in hospitals
  6. Free health camps for underprivileged

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