Bhawna Arora



Bhawna, Co-Founder IJLC is Masters in International Business and holds a degree in Public Relations after which she has worked for diverse leading corporates globally and brings with her 12 years of experience and expertise in making IJLC what it is today.

Her inherent nature of love, care, respect, compassion and sympathy for which IJLC stands, was imbibed in her by her mother Late Mrs. Kamla Arora. In order to carry her late Mother’s legacy forward, she is enthusiastically running a campaign by the name “Kamla Arora Blessings” on various social media platforms in her Mother’s memory and it has been successful in serving the needy; be it for blood donation, organ donation, food, education, or health treatment.

With her sheer grit and determination, she is instrumental in empowering and nurturing under privileged talent, acting as a motivator and mentor.